My Great Grandmother – Margaret Ella Weaver Brown

Margaret Ella Weaver Brown (August 28, 1903 – March 28, 1932)

Margaret & Virginia Brown


Margaret Weaver and her sister, Virginia Claire Weaver Pyle Allen (a.k.a. – Auntie Skeet) – Year unknown.

This is my great grandmother and person that my mother was named after, Margaret Ella Weaver Brown (left). She’s pictured here with her younger sister who my entire life I knew as Auntie Skeet. I used to think her real name was “Skeet”. I had no idea and I don’t know why they called her that. But I’ll try to figure it out. Anyway, here is a photo of them together. One of the only photos I have found of her.

Margaret & Virginia Weaver’s mother was Eugenia Estelle Thomson Weaver and their father was Bernard Peyton (B.P.) Weaver. She was the mother of my grandmother, Mildred Brown Samuskewicz and my great aunt, Kathryn Eugenia Brown Kier. She was born in Indian Territory, Oklahoma in 1903.  She married George Henry Brown in Idabel, Oklahoma on August 28, 1922.

Eugenia Estelle Thomson Weaver

Bernard Peyton Weaver

Weaver Brown Wedding


This article says that George was working in the oil industry which at this time in Oklahoma was a booming industry and that they were going to be going to Louisiana, I don’t know that they did or not.

The April 1930 census shows that Margaret & Virginia were both living with their children (Mildred age 3 (my grandmother) and Eugenia age 6) with their father in McCurtain, White Township, Oklahoma. Interesting to note that George Brown is not listed as residing there and that her marital status shows “widowed” the same as her fathers, Bernard Peyton Weaver. This would have been about 7.5 years after their marriage. We know that George married Edna Berry in Arkansas in 1935 so he indeed was not deceased. So it would be interesting to know the story at the time of the taking of this census. Also the obituary said she was widowed as well which was two years after the census.

McCurtain County, Oklahoma 1909 – Public Domain

Other family info in this census:

Bernard Peyton Weaver was 59 years old and listed “general farming” as his employment. Coot Pyle (husband of Virginia) listed teaching as his employment and their son, James Robert was 2 years old.

April 1930 Census


Margaret Weaver Brown died at the age of 28. The obituary below states by “abcess of the brain.” Another obituary stated “a month long illness of influenza which caused an abcess of the ear and the brain.”

Margaret Ella Weaver Brown Obituary

A few other tidbits:
Bernard Peyton Weaver’s farm was noted in one of the obituaries as being on “Haworth Highway”.

Margaret’s Burial: Cherry Cemetery – Clarksville, Texas.

On the day she gave birth to Margaret Weaver, her sister, Addie Belle Thomson West, died at the age of 26, leaving her two young children motherless; a sadly recurring situation in this family line. This was also mentioned in the obituary that her mother died when she was young.

Mothers in the Thompson family line that died early leaving their young children:

  1. Addie Belle Thomson West (died at age 26) – Flossie West (age 4) & Edwina West (age 2)
  2. Eugenia Estelle Thomson Weaver  (died at age 38) – Margaret (age 5) & Virginia (age 2)
  3. Margaret Ella Weaver Brown (died at age 28) – Eugenia Brown (age 8) & Mildred (age 5)

Here is the 1910 census showing Margaret and Virginia living with Virgie Teel which was their Aunt and her children on Hill Street in Idabel, Oklahoma

These are the notes in BoB regarding who raised them under Virginia Teels’ info. This is a source of some confusion in the family tree because the Aunts raised them but were called mother and grandmother. I have several had written letters that go into more detail about it that I will be adding.

I think it’s interesting that the girls were sent to live with Virgie Teel but I think that in those days men didn’t really raise their children much and it was thought they should be raised by other female family members.

Hair from the B. P. Weaver Family – written by Virginia (Skeet).

More info to come as I find it!

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