Dating Old Photographs: The Cyanotype Process

The earliest known modern photography came into existence around 1840. When looking at old photos knowing about the photography process is helpful to point to a date or time period. An early photography process called the “Cyanotype” is explained in this video (about 5 minutes) from the George Eastman Museum

J. S. Winterbottom Store – Rulo, Nebraska, c. 1900 – cyanotype by Agnes Winterbottom – Minneapolis Institute of Art – Mary Beth Thayer Demarce Collection

Early Photography: Making Cyanotypes – George Eastman Museum

Make your own Cyanotypes!

Cyanotype Pre-treated Fabric Sheets

Cyanotype SunPrint Kit

Cyanotype Paper

More Resources for Early Photography:

Cyanotype: The Blueprint in Contemporary Practice

Cased Images & TinTypes KwikGuide

Collector’s Guide to Early Photographs



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