Dating Old Photos: Civil War Uniforms {50 Uniforms in 10 Minutes}

Found a terrific! video on Civil War Uniforms! This is great for dating old photos and just neat if you like the Civil War history or studying historical clothing/uniforms. (Photo: Major General Sheridan and Generals, 1864 – Library of Congress)



Preserving Pioneer History: Cemeteries in Nebraska

We have a big problem in Nebraska with our old pioneer cemeteries. Farming continues to encroach on abandoned cemeteries and when those cemeteries are on private property farmers will often destroy the cemeteries. Our cemeteries are protected under state laws, however, only about half of the cemeteries were on the state registry in 2017. An…

Dating Old Photographs: The Cyanotype Process

The earliest known modern photography came into existence around 1840. When looking at old photos knowing about the photography process is helpful to point to a date or time period.


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