Organize Your Family Tree: 10 Dollar Store “Budget” Items to Get You Started

Go From This……

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To This….in 2021

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Let me guess, you inherited the family tree and you’ve got so much stuff you don’t know what to do and it’s sitting in piles in your living room…and your office…and your closet…and who knows where else!

If you’ve decided 2021 is the year to really “ORGANIZE” your family tree I’ve got 10 items you can get at the dollar store that won’t break your bank. Stock up on these to get started and on the right path to getting your family tree files and library organized. These are cheap but useful things that you can stock up on in bulk to have on hand as your work on your tree this year. A quick trip to the dollar store and you get what you need to start working through your library, organizing as you go. Maybe this is your first round or organizing or you are re-organizing, either way it will make things easier.

  • Paperclips! Stock up and get those papers organized and sorted. Get several types, the small ones and the big ones.

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  • Staples! You’ll need them and if you don’t have a good reliable stapler, get one of those too!
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  • Pens & Pencils! I love color coding as I organize because I’m very visual on how I remember things. Lots of supplies here you can get cheap at the dollar store. Pens, pencils & markers. Get some good writing supplies!
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  • File folders! The dollar stores have all kinds of different file folders. Choose the ones you like the best for your needs and stock up. After you paperclip it, label it and file it! You can always move it later, just file it away so you can find it later.
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  • Notepads and Paper! Both are pretty cheap at the dollar store. Stop writing on little scrap papers and invest in a solid stack of notepads that you can organize by topic or family or task. Use more than one and label the front of the notebook.
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{This is where I use cheap paper if it’s for notes and organizing.} Small steno pads and big sturdier notepads – I use them all.

  • Note Cards! I use note cards all the time for labeling, dividing, sorting, notes. Grab a pack just for when you need them.
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  • Sticky Notes, Labels & Tags! I have all kinds and colors!
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  • 3 Ring Binders! I generally go with the 1 inch binders here which are generally a little cheaper at the dollar store. It depends what kind you want and how high of quality but it’s always good to have a few on hand even if you change them out later.
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  • Plastic Sheet Protectors! to put documents in that your are putting in folders or binders. This will help to protect from any dust or water damage. I put everything into a plastic sheet protector. I look for 20 or more packs which most of the dollar stores carry.

  • Index Dividers! to organize your 3 ring binders. Label and re-label as you go.


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