Dating Old Photos by Fashion: Tips for the 1910’s

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood on

Everyday I look at and date old photos. I look at old photos of people, places, buildings, maps, and all kinds of interesting things that can be found in old photos. Dating old photos can be tricky but once you start doing it more and more you learn about what things in and about a photograph could be a dating clue. I’m going to start writing more about it on this blog but first I want to share a great FREE tool for you to get started on working on dating old photos. has a blog (sign up for it!) where they have already addressed a number of these things in many eras of days of yore! {YEAH}.

Just click the link here to go their blog post titled:
FamilySearch Blog: 1910s Fashion: Clothing Worn 1910–1919

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