Treasure Trove of FREE Records:

I love FREE records on the internet!! One of my favorite resources online for old books, family history records, censuses, birth indexes, old maps, historical records and so much more is the!

The is a giant repository of information. It contains millions of books, records, maps, media, web pages and so much more. And it’s all FREE!! That’s right, it’s all free and much of what it contains is in the public domain so you are free to use it as you wish.

The best way to use it is to set up a free account and start searching! If you have an account you can save items into your own library account which is really handy for researching. Many items from the National Archives can be found here including the full muster rolls of the Armies and Regiments of the Civil War. The New York Public Library has contributed a massive amount of materials to the Want to borrow a book online? Or maybe you want to follow a group like ReclaimtheRecords? You can do all of that with your free account.

Every day the repository of the grows! It’s a tremendous resource for your family history research! You’ll be surprised at what you can find there! Check it out!


Preserving Pioneer History: Cemeteries in Nebraska

We have a big problem in Nebraska with our old pioneer cemeteries. Farming continues to encroach on abandoned cemeteries and when those cemeteries are on private property farmers will often destroy the cemeteries. Our cemeteries are protected under state laws, however, only about half of the cemeteries were on the state registry in 2017. An…


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