BLM & GLO Records – Another Free Resource!

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If you are doing family tree or historical research I want to pass along to you a very valuable FREE resource. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM),  and the General Land Office (GLO) Records Automation site are free online resources with tons of historical data in their files. They provide Federal land conveyance records for public land states (mostly Mid-West and Western States) which includes images for more than five million land survey plats, field notes, status records, indexes and more from the years 1788 Рpresent! This is such a valuable resource. I was able to trace down a lot of my family lands in Texas and beyond with these records.

The web site takes a little exploring but it is organized by six individual types of records and indexes which helps to sort through the vast amount of data that is held on this site. Check it out and see if you come up with anything that will help you in your research! This link below will take you directly there!

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