Beatrice Daily Express Ads – October 1886

I’m doing some research for a book I’m writing and have been going through the old Beatrice Daily Express papers of 1886.  Did you know there was once 14,000 lbs of honey stored in 5 gallon tin cans in a cellar at 502 Court Street? Maybe you were unaware that Beatrice LOVED Oysters in the Fall of 1886 which could be found at Palmers and Gettemy’s restaurants? Did you know Beatrice already had a telephone exchange in October 1886? Did you know in October 1886 that Beatrice has three main banks open and that pianos and organs were also a hot commodity? You could go down to the depot and get your Michigan apples or go to Steele’s to see the “Electric shirt”.  You could travel the Burlington or the Omaha Chicago lines and you could also register to mate your mare with the famous horse “Counselor”….(only 50 appointments, please)…. I didn’t either until I saw these ads. All of the ads appeared in the October 1886 issues of the Beatrice Daily Express.

Enjoy and leave a comment if you’d like!


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