Free Resources: New York Public Library on Flickr

Flickr! Another great FREE resource for those of you that LOVE old photos and historical photo collections! I have to encourage everyone to stop by sometime soon and go into the Flickr Commons Photos! This is another free huge treasure trove of history that you will love!

I stopped by to see what I could find for out of copyright Halloween images and stumbled across these old “Haunted Postcards” from the New York Public Library! If you love old photos; those library collection historical images – then go there now!!

You can create a free account and search high and low for old images! How great of New York Public Library to share these images on the Internet! Even better – most of the images are out of copyright so you are free to download and use them as you like. Head there now to see if you find something neat!!

Check out

Images from the New York Public Library – Flickr Common

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