What is “ReclaimtheRecords”….& why you need to follow them.

I recently discovered the activist group called “ReclaimtheRecords.org“. They are a group working to provide free online access to public records. They are filing Freedom of Information Act Lawsuits all over the country to force public entities and governments to release files which are public records that are being withheld from the public. Since 2015 they have been fighting for access to public records in many states. When they win the lawsuit they take all of the records they gain access to and upload them to the InternetArchive.org where they remain forever free for all to see and use on the internet.

Every family historian needs to visit their website ReclaimtheRecords.org, sign up for their updates and follow them and on Facebook or Twitter.

Visiting their website or their page on the InternetArchive.org will take you to a long list of records they have released. All free, all public domain.

Having a hard time trying to access public records? Contact them!

For a great interview about ReclaimtheRecords go here:

ReclaimtheRecords interview

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