Ancestry DNA Kit on Amazon

The DNA testing continues! Thus far I have done the autosomal DNA testing through AncestryDNA for myself, my husband, my parents and my 91 year old grandmother. The results have been fascinating and interesting. As the family history researcher I love when the DNA confirms things in the tree. DNA doesn’t lie and helps to sort out interesting puzzles. It also brings you many other questions in some lines. I hope to connect more tests from the immediate family to our tree as there are many lines that are still holding a lot of mysteries.

It’s s simple test, just spit into a vial, activate your test and drop it in the mail..then wait anxiously for several weeks!

I like to order mine through to save on the shipping that ancestry charges. As a Prime member, I saved $20 with free shipping on my last 3 tests ordering them through Just click the image or the link below to add one directly to your Amazon cart! Simple and easy!

Order ancestryDNA at Amazon!

Ancestry DNA Kit on Amazon

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